Meredith Jones Launches Campaign For Surrogate’s Court Judge In Brooklyn


Accomplished attorney Meredith Jones today officially announced her candidacy for the Democratic nomination for Judge of the Surrogate’s Court in Kings County.

The Surrogate’s Court hears cases involving the affairs of decedents, including the probate of wills and the administration of estates. It also handles adoptions.

“It is with great excitement and honor that I announce my candidacy for Judge of the Kings County Surrogate’s Court,” Jones said.  “I know well the importance of fighting for and helping those who work hard every day to make ends meet, those who are unfairly taken advantage of, and those who are most in need—that’s why I decided to enter public service, and that’s why I’m running to be your next judge.”

Meredith Jones noted that the Surrogate’s Court deals with estates and with deed theft and the Third Party Transfer program taking generational wealth through the court system it is imperative to have a judge that ensures properties in estates that come before the court are reviewed and protected against improper transfers.

Jones brings with her to the race the experience of having worked as an attorney in Kings County Surrogate’s Court since 2003, and knows firsthand how the decisions a judge makes directly affect hardworking New Yorkers day after day.  

“From the issue of deed theft to the intricacies of trusts and estates law to the importance of families being able to pass on their financial assets to their loved ones, I will make it my goal to educate the public each and every day on their rights in my courtroom and their rights as New Yorkers,” said Jones.

In announcing her candidacy, Jones noted the sharp rise in the value of real property and that residents of Brooklyn are being targeted for deed theft and Third Party Transfer scams.  

“If elected, my first priority will be to ensure that properties in estates that come before me are reviewed and protected against improper transfers. As our borough continues to grow, we face new challenges and I am determined to help shepherd the Surrogate’s Court into the 21st century by making it more consumer friendly and easier to navigate,” said Jones.

“I will tirelessly advocate for more essential resources and will monitor the Office of the Kings County Public Administrator to ensure that it gets its act together and finally becomes compliant with all of our state’s governing statutes, rules and regulations. With scams targeting seniors, working folks, people of color and those with disabilities, it is paramount, now more than ever, that we protect our neighborhoods’ most vulnerable individuals in such uncertain times,” she added.

Meredith Jones attended Cornell University and graduated from Cornell Law School, an esteemed Ivy League institution, in 1996.  

In 2003, after practicing as a private attorney, she began a full-time position in public service as an attorney in the law department of Kings County Surrogate’s Court, where she proudly became the first black person ever chosen to fulfill that role.  

In her current position as a Court Attorney-Referee, she conducts trials and hearings, performs research and drafts decisions for review by the Surrogate Judge.  She also conducts settlement conferences, advises the Surrogate Judge on the law and makes recommendations regarding resolution of matters that come before the court.

Additionally, Jones has been found qualified by the Judicial Screening Committee of the Kings County Democratic Party for the position of Judge of the Surrogate’s court.  She is the only candidate found qualified who can serve the complete term of office for that position.

“If elected, I will approach each and every case with integrity, respect and commitment—three principles that have guided me my entire life,” Jones said.

“Our communities need a judge who understands this and does her best to ensure that those who are less informed or knowledgeable about the legal process are never defrauded or deceived in any way.  No matter your economic status, race, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation, when you come before me you will be educated as to your rights, have a fair chance to obtain justice, and be treated equally under the law,” she added.

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