[Un] Correct New York Podcast: New Kings Dems Pres Brandon West Talks Progressive Politics

[un]correct NY

Whether agreeing or disagreeing with the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, its’ influence is being felt across New York City and Nationally.

Tom Russotti
Co-Founder of Kings County Politics, Tom Russotti
Senior Editor of KCP, Kelly Mena
Kings County Politics Founder Stephen Witt
Brandon West
NKD President Brandon West

On this week’s episode of [Un] Correct New York, Stephen Witt, Tom Russotti and Kelly Mena sat down with one of Brooklyn’s leading progressives,  New Kings Democrats President Brandon West, whose political club is making waves amongst new and established Democrats in the borough.

West talks about the history and the future of the Democratic party and its relationship with New York politics. He also talks about some of the club’s controversial initiatives such as Rep Your Block and it’s Visioning Program.

Does the club live up to its commitment to bringing transparency, accountability, and inclusionary democracy to the Kings County Democratic Party or is it political gentrification?

Check out the podcast and you decide:

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