First Look At Possible Ballot To Replace Williams In Special City Council Election

This week marked the deadline for candidates in the special election for the 45th City Council race to turn in signatures to make the ballot in the upcoming May election. According to the petitions turned in so far, there are 10 candidates set to make the vote except one. 

The 45th district includes East Flatbush, Flatbush, Flatlands, Midwood, and Canarsie.

Farah Louis
Monique Waterman
Hercules Reid

The candidates who so far have made the ballot include (in order of filing): Farah Louis, Monique Chandler-Waterman, Jovia Radix, Xamayla Rose, Anthony Beckford, L. Rickie Tulloch, Hercules Reid, Adina Sash a.k.a Flatbush Girl, Anthony Alexis, and Victor Jordan. The only candidate who didn’t make the ballot was James L. Similien, who has until midnight on Thursday, April 4, to turn in petitions. 

Each candidate had to get at least 450 signatures of support from registered voters from any party affiliation with the district to get onto the ballot. The special election is nonpartisan and candidates can’t run on existing party lines. Instead, they have the option to form their own party labels.

Jovia Radix
Anthony Beckford
Xamayla Rose.

The official field of 10 candidates have declared their party lines. They are:

Farah Louis: A Unified 45

Monique Chandler-Waterman: A Vital Voice

Jovia Radix: Justice For All

Xamayla Rose: Rose For Progress

Anthony Beckford: Liberal

Rickie Tulloch
Adina Miles (@flatbush_girl) at her Flatbush house
Adina Sash
Anthony Alexis

Rickie Tulloch: People Movement

Hercules Reid: Opportunity

Adina Sash: Community First

Anthony Alexis: Putting Our Community First

Victor Jordan: Last Chance

So far, Louis, Chandler-Waterman, Radix, Rose, Tulloch all have ‘general objections to their petition filings’, with Beckford having the most at two. According to a source close to the race, the final rulings on challenges will be known tomorrow April 4.

Victor Jordan

Like the special election for Public Advocate which took place earlier this year, all of the candidates had the opportunity to participate in the NYC Campaign Finance Board’s (CFB) public matching funds program, through one of two options.

The candidates had to opt into one of two models — the old model that matches contributions up to $175 at a 6-to-1 ratio or the new model, which gives 8-to-1 matches for donations up to $250.

According to CFB website, all candidates opted for ‘option A’ or a $8-to-$1 or the new matching model, except for Chandler-Waterman. The first filing date with CFB is April 12 and the first payout is expected April 18.

However, since the 45th Council District seat is term-limited and will be up for citywide election in 2021, some candidates have already begun to raise funds for that race, specifically Rose and Chandler-Waterman.

Rose currently has a total of $3,326 in total with, Chandler-Waterman at a resounding $21,994, as of press time. Both candidates could potentially use these funds for this special election if they choose to or could opt to wait until the race in two years.

Earlier this week, Kings County Politics reported that the 11th candidate, Lou Cespedes, a longtime community activist decided to drop out in lieu of a more neighborhood-centered approach to the issues facing the district.

The special election for the 45th Council District is set for May 14. The winner will serve until the end of this year. However, there is a primary for the seat on June 25 and a general election in November. The winner of those races will serve starting Jan.1, 2020 and serve out the remainder of Williams term.

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