A Letter From Dawn Smalls To The Voters Of New York City

dawn smalls
Public Advocate Candidate Dawn Smalls

Dear New Yorker,

I’m Dawn Smalls, I’m running to be your next Public Advocate in the Special Election on Tuesday, February 26th.

As an African American, a woman, an attorney, and a mother of three young children who is living, working and raising my family in this city I care deeply about the issues that we struggle with every day

The Subway that is crumbling beneath our feet, affordable housing that no working family can afford, and the alarming rate of homelessness among women and children are problems that only seem to be getting worse. I believe that government can be a force for good and one of the biggest ways to impact people’s lives for the better – but only if it works.

Right now, our government agencies have systems in place that are inefficient, antiquated – and in some cases, straight up broken. The Public Advocate’s job is to make sure New Yorkers are getting the government services promised to them.

I’ve worked at the highest levels of government having served in two Democratic Presidential Administrations and under President Obama was part of the team that made the Affordable Care Act a reality for millions of Americans. As an attorney, I’ve fought for workers seeking fair pay, won clemency for a man serving a disproportionate sentence for a non-violent drug crime he committed over a decade ago, and got an injunction against Trump in the 2016 election to stop voter intimidation at the polls.

With over two decades of experience across law, government, politics, and philanthropy I have a track record of breaking through the bureaucracy to get results.

And that’s what I want to bring to New Yorkers as your Public Advocate: A government that works and works to serve you.

Please vote for me, Dawn Smalls, on Feb. 26 to be your Public Advocate.

You can learn more about my campaign and where to vote at dawnfornewyork.com.