He’s Back! Carl Kruger Reemerges On The Political Scene


You can’t go home again, but Carl Kruger is proving otherwise!

Disgraced former State Senator Carl Kruger, 69, is rumored to be eyeing a City Council seat. According to political sources, the convicted felon Kruger is looking to make a comeback in local politics.

Disgraced former State Sen. Carl Kruger in better times from his official senate photo.

Kruger was seen at his old stomping ground, a Community Board 18 meeting last night. This is the same community board that includes District Manager Dorothy Turano, whose son, Dr. Michael Turano, was a co-conspirator in the federal case against Kruger.

In March 2011, Kruger was arrested on federal corruption charges after federal authorities announced that the Democrat sold his political clout and government connections for close to $1 million in payoffs to deep-pocketed lobbyists and developers, according to the Brooklyn Paper.

Kruger was sentenced on April 26, 2012 to  seven years in federal prison after pleading guilty to two counts of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and two counts of bribery conspiracy.

Rumor has it the now recently released Brooklynite is looking to revamp his political image and become an upstanding citizen again.

“I haven’t spoken to Carl in six years. Rumor has it he wants to reinvent himself,” said former City Council member Mike Nelson, who was the former Chief of Staff for Kruger. “When it comes to him anything is possible. It would be an interesting scenario. He’s a brilliant guy, a great campaigner and very good at politics, and who knows what could be.” 

Alan Maisel
City Council Member Alan Maisel

If Kruger were to run, it would most likely be for City Council Member Alan Maisel’s (D-Bergen Beach, Canarsie, Flatlands, Georgetown, Gerritsen Beach, Marine Park, Mill Basin, Mill Island, Sheepshead Bay) seat as he is term limited in two years, and Kruger resides in Mill Basin. However, sources say that the CB18 Chair Gardy Brazela, 53, is looking to mount a challenge for the seat as well.

“I haven’t spoken to him in years. It surprises me to hear that. I would assume it’s going to be Alan Maisel’s present seat, that would be it for sure. He had that district when he was state senator. His name is known throughout that area,” said Nelson.

Brazela, the new Chair of CB18, is already being hailed as a reformer for cutting the usually long CB 18 monthly meetings from three hours to a mere hour and a half. Brazela was the former President of the 69th Police Precinct Council.

However, Nelson isn’t so sure Kruger should be counted out. 

“He’s the smartest man I’ve ever known. If he didn’t have one answer, he’d have three,” added Nelson.