Maimonides Ranked Among Top 10 Nationwide For Clinical Excellence

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Maimonides Medical Center president and CEO Kenneth D. Gibbs recently announced that Maimonides has been ranked among the Top 10 health systems in the country for superior survival rates—placing it among the nation’s best hospitals, including: Massachusetts General, Cleveland Clinic, Cedars Sinai and New York-Presbyterian.

“From the very first year that the federal government has measured mortality rates, Maimonides has been a top performer,” said Gibbs. “At first there were only two cardiac conditions evaluated—heart attack and heart failure. So it seemed natural that a renowned Heart Hospital like Maimonides would do well. But as additional diagnoses were added to the mix—like pneumonia and stroke—our medical center has continued to achieve outstanding results for Brooklyn’s families across multiple specialty areas.”

Maimonides Medical Center President & CEO Kenneth Gibbs
Maimonides Medical Center President & CEO Kenneth Gibbs

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) annually compares mortality rates at every hospital in the nation. The most recent report* shows that only a handful of hospitals nationwide rise above the rest in maintaining better-than-expected results for their patients. There are seven diagnoses reviewed for mortality. Maimonides is above average in two categories—and significantly above average in the other five: heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia, COPD and stroke.

“It’s a validation of the many teams who work day and night to deliver outstanding care to patients at Maimonides,” said Dr. Samuel Kopel, Medical Director of Maimonides Medical Center. “Our doctors and clinicians never stop building on their successes—they continually try to exceed the standard of care to bring the best possible results to every patient.”

Maimonides Medical Center has a long history of providing exceptional patient care through the promotion of a culture of teamwork in the hospital’s interdisciplinary Centers of Excellence and commitment to continuous innovation.

“What truly sets our clinicians apart is teamwork. To support the overall culture of collaboration at Maimonides, our Leadership Team goes to great lengths to ensure that our clinicians have everything they need to provide the finest care in a safe and technologically advanced environment. Our nationally recognized doctors do the rest—and do it best,” said Gibbs.

Among Maimonides Legacy of Innovation includes:

  • Maimonides built New York City’s first Hybrid Operating Rooms, incorporating the most advanced imaging technology to support the most advanced surgical procedures. And our Robotic Surgery Program boasts some of the nation’s most experienced doctors, reducing patient risk across multiple disciplines.
  • The Clinical Simulation Center at Maimonides was the first hospital-based center of its kind in the Northeast—allowing doctors and clinicians to rehearse complex procedures, further improving patient safety and outcomes. And the Bloodless Medicine & Surgery Center at Maimonides offers safe and proven alternatives to blood transfusions in multiple clinical areas.

Maimonides is a leader in managing pain for patients in all settings in ways that minimize the risk of opioid addiction—our doctors have published many of the leading studies in this arena.

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