Kelly Mena’s Top Five Beat of The Weeks in 2018

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  1. Beat of the Week Spanish Special: Primarias 2018


This episode has particular significance because of the late State Senator Jose Peralta’s involvement in the piece. Peralta was a kind and knowledgeable man, who wanted the best of his community and constituents. I enjoyed speaking to him about the issues facing SD 13, especially those facing the Latino community and getting them involved in local elections.

The death of the late Senator was a shock to many and a sad ending to such a bright political career. I hope Peralta’s legacy continues to grow in the coming years.

  1. Beat of the Week with Kelly Mena: The Rise of Democratic Socialism in NYC


This was another special episode as rising democratic progressive Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave us an opportunity to give us some insight in her hopes for the future of politics and women in politics. Ocasio-Cortez was also able to show us another side of her, her Latino roots, giving us a chance to see her highlight her background.

Ocasio-Cortez has proven to be a polarizing figure in politics especially in Washington and in recent weeks has shown she is willing to push back against the establishment.

  1. Beat Of The Week Looks At B82 Controversy


This episode was very exciting to put together because there were so many sides to the argument. From the local politicians who pushed back against the proposal to start Select Bus Service down a busy corridor to local residents who wanted expanded and improved transportation to the business owners who wanted to protect their stores. Listening to all sides was crucial but also highlighting a growing issue in an increasingly busy commercial corridor was important.

SBS B82 Service was eventually rolled out and most recently was denounced for its increased congestion issues in the area. Local lawmakers are currently working to improve the service along the corridor.

  1. Beat Of The Week Visits Bay Ridge’s Arab-American Community


The growing Arab-American community in South Brooklyn has become more and more visible politically especially with the run of Rev. Khader El-Yateem for City Council in 2017. The group most recently was an important voting bloc in the successful win of State Senator Andrew Gounardes in Bay Ridge against incumbent State Senator Marty Golden.

The Arab American Association of New York is growing in number and influence politically and are definitely on the rise. In the coming years, I have a feeling they will be running for more political offices and playing a crucial role in the local political process.

  1. Kelly Mena’s Beat Of The Week Visits Coney Island


This episode was just pure fun to make. Though I’ve been living in Brooklyn for a couple of years, I still had not been on the Wonder Wheel until shooting this piece. Dennis Vourderis was a very nice man and I had a lot of fun on the iconic Coney Island ride.

One thing I learned from that day was that Deno’s Wonder Wheel is a very rare ferris wheel in that some of the carts move around as the ride moves in a circle. The experience can be kind of terrifying at first but a memorable one in the end. Anyone who hasn’t already been on the wheel sound make it a part of their summer goals.

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