A Pre-Election Conversation With Lucretia Regina-Potter

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Some people throughout Brooklyn may have never heard of Republican Leader Lucretia Regina-Potter, but when it comes to issues concerning the city’s Board of Elections (BOE), the petitioning process, electioneering and women’s empowerment there are few that measure up to her knowledge and advocacy.

Ms. Regina-Potter has helped numerous people – both Democratic and Republican – fill out their petitions the right way and get on the ballot.

As an aside, when NPR and WNYC claimed credit for breaking the story during the Democratic Presidential Primary about city voters bring purged from the voting rolls, with many progressives alleging it was done to give Hillary Clinton a boost over Bernie Sanders, it should be noted that they didn’t break the story – KCP did thanks to Ms. Regina-Potter. And it had nothing to do with the Democratic Primary and more to do with the BOE bureaucracy.

So with no further adieu, check out Kelly Mena‘s Beat of the Week sit down with Ms. Regina-Potter on the eve of the general election.


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