Democrat John Liu Triggers Right-Wing Trolls

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New York State Senate District 11 candidate John Liu talks to constituents in between his snack and lunch breaks, and the right-wing are in a frenzy.

Liu posted a video on his official Twitter with the caption, “Just 20 Seconds on Unifying People,” in response to the mass shooting in a Pittsburgh synagogue while eating what seems to a Reuben, accompanied by the sauerkraut and shredded pickles.

John Liu

“The massacre in Pittsburgh was an unconscionable act of hate, and we must be unified across the board in vigorously denouncing it,” Liu told the QCP.  “This person had a long history of anti-Semitism and premeditated the attack. The tragedy in Pittsburgh requires everyone to speak out against it.”

Right wingers on Twitter, some of whom support Liu’s Republican opponent, Vickie Paladino, retweeted Liu’s simple 20-second video in criticism and suggested he ate a pastrami sandwich to appeal to Jewish voters and sympathizers alike.

The QCP has reached out to Paladino for comment.

The foodie candidate has called out Paladino for her reported relationships with anti-Semites, saying their election has experienced “ugly” racist innuendo statements.

Another video of Liu shows him eating what seems to be another sandwich, but this time, he expressed his concerns about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh jeopardizing women’s right to choose.

“The law does not guarantee for the right for a woman to choose,” Liu said. “Abortion is addressed in state law as a matter of crime, as an item in the criminal code when it rightfully should belong in the health code.”

Kavanaugh, in Liu’s assessment, could determine whether to revoke Roe v, Wade. Liu’s solution is to prioritize his efforts to pass the Reproductive Health Act (RHA).

Liu continues to make video announcements on Twitter after the backlash, and he is conveniently eating before or after he chows down his food. In some videos, there is a glimpse of him smiling.

The district includes College Point, Whitestone, Bayside, Flushing, Jamaica Estates, Fresh Meadows, Bellerose, Floral Park, Jamaica, Douglaston, Little Neck, Auburndale, Kissena Park and Briarwood. The elation is Nov. 6.