Stephen Witt’s Primary Endorsements

Stephen Witt’s completely subjective endorsements (1)

The following are my personal endorsements in tomorrow’s key primaries. Note, that while I am the publisher and editor-in-chief of KCP, they are not KCP’s official endorsements as some of our reporters have differing views. Here they are:

Elected Paid Office Holder Races


Gov. Andrew Cuomo
Kathy Hochul
Public Advocate Letitia James

Andrew Cuomo. While I am not an over-the-top fan of the governor, he is head and heels over his opponent Cynthia Nixon in experience and qualifications.

Lt. Governor

Kathy Hochul. This is not a slight against her opponent, Jumaane Williams, who is a person with experience and integrity. I just feel that Hochul is more willing to compromise on issues and help get legislation passed that affects the entire state and not just NYC. Additionally, Williams is ideologically too far to the left for my centrist taste.

Attorney General

Letitcia James. I don’t always agree with Tish, and lord knows, we’ve had some whopper disagreements, but you always know where she stands on the issues. Additionally, I like Tish’s heart. She is a true friend and has come through for a lot of people. If not James, I would endorse Sean Patrick Maloney, who is an able and qualified attorney and candidate.

17th Senate District

Sen. Simcha Felder
State Sen. Martin Dilan

Simcha Felder.  While I don’t agree with him on every issue, Simcha is fiercely independent and loyal to the main of his constituents. He also has a background of being an accountant, which is what the legislature needs come budget time. His opponent Blake Morris is a nice guy and a solid progressive. It’s a shame he didn’t receive more help from fellow progressives.

18th Senate District

Sen. Martin Malavé Dilan. Dilan’s opponent, Julia Salazar is a seriously truth-challenged phony. While she has an understanding of issues that the many new mainly millennials in the district have, she has not shown any understanding of the district’s long-time residents.

20th Senate District

State Sen. Jesse Hamilton

Sen. Jesse Hamilton. Hamilton is one of the brightest and hard-working electeds in the State Senate. His opponent, Zellnor Myrie is basing his entire campaign on purging any former Independent Democratic Coalition (IDC) senate members. I think it is dangerous for the Democratic Party to start purging members for purity. Progressive politics have its good points, but working towards political purity is not one of them. Four legs good, two legs bad!

22nd Senate District

A toss-up. Both Democratic Primary Candidates Andrew Gounardes and Ross Barkan are qualified. I kind of like Gounardes because he has more institutional support and money, but I like Barkan because he’s a journalist and I like to support my own. Either way, the winner will face a tough challenge in Republican State Sen. Marty Golden in the general election.

46th Assembly District

Another toss-up. Ethan Lustig-Elgrably is knowledgable of government workings and has major party support. His opponent, Mathylde Frontus, is a knowledgable and worthy opponent. Whoever wins will face a tough challenge in Republican Steve Saperstein in the general.

District Leader Races

44th Assembly District Male Democratic District Leader

Kashif Hussain
Adina Miles (@flatbush_girl) at her Flatbush house
Adina Miles

Kashif Hussain. Here is an up-and-coming and outstanding candidate from the Muslim-American community on the Kensington side of the district. He is involved and out in the community. His opponent Doug Schneider, from the Park Slope side of the district is intelligent, but is too deeply entrenched in the progressive political machine.

45th Assembly District Female Democratic District Leader

Esther Adina Miles Sash a.k.a Flatbush Girl. Endorsing Sash is no slight on her opponent Margarita Kagan or the male District Leader Ari Kagan, both of whom I like very much. I just like Sash’s irreverence and feel she will add some fun to politics. I also think it is time for a Frum (Orthodox Jewish) woman, to step out from behind their male counterparts and run for a public office. 

55th Assembly District Male Democratic District Leader

Anthony Jones
Nikki Lucas

Anthony Jones. Jones is a straight-up person and never fails to tell me what he thinks. He represents Brownsville well.

42nd Assembly District Femaile Democratic District Leader

Nikki Lucas. Lucas is a hard worker and looks out for her community. Her opponent, City Councilwoman Inez Barron, is also a hard worker and looks out for her community, but she and her husband, Assemblyman Charles Barron, should let go of some of their power in the district and nurture future leaders.