Average Man: The Responsible Voter


The Responsible Voter

This strip is a milestone for me: it’s the 50th strip of Average Man! You can read past strips on the Average Man website, www.averageman.net.

I can’t think of anything more important for the 50th strip than this year’s elections, first the state primaries, and then in November, the general election.

In Puerto Rico (and other Latin American countries) we have what’s called “refranes“(refrains) which are idioms. “Te conozco bacalao” literally translated means “I know you codfish” but the actual meaning is something akin to “you ain’t fooling anyone”.

The strip features two special guest stars: Darma Diaz, a friend of 20 years and the 54th AD Democratic Female District Leader, and the East New York Chickens who, long time readers of Average Man know from the now-defunct urban chicken farm that was around the block from me for 5 years. The chickens have been a staple of Average Man from its earliest strips.

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