Mobilizing the Blue Wave in Brooklyn


Democratic candidate Max Rose called in progressive reinforcements over the weekend in a bid to oust Republican Congressman Dan Donovan (R-Southern Brooklyn, Staten Island).

The calvary, with District Leader Josue (Josh) Pierre leading the charge, was dubbed the “Blue Wave Van.” It joined Rose in knocking on 11th Congressional District in support of Rose, who is hoping to flip the only GOP held congressional seat in New York City.

“A Max Rose victory in the election will not only be great for the residents of the 11th congressional district, but for residents in the Flatbush area as well. It’s one less for Trump’s Anti-immigrant, anti-union, anti-affordable housing,  and anti women’s rights agenda,” said Pierre.

At the event, many of the volunteers expressed a strong interest in wanting to do something to help stop the Trump agenda.  “I got online to find out where’s the nearest Republican district where I could help out a Democrat, and was surprised to find out it was here in Brooklyn” said one volunteer.

Congressional candidate Max Rose , center, and Democratic District Leader Josue (Josh) Pierre, right, speak with a resident of the Marlboro Houses.

Rose and Pierre personally went door to door together, listening to residents of the Marlboro Houses, a New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) complex in Southern Brooklyn. While there, the duo met and spoke to residents about their concerns around repairs and safety. Residents are concerned that incumbent Donovan will continue to support President Donald Trump’s massive cuts to federal affordable housing spending.

“I absolutely believe this will make a difference. It’s not just the hundreds of doors that my volunteers knocked on today. I’m trying to lead by example. Other passionate Democrats, elected officials, and activist groups through out New York City, will see this and say ‘Well if an unpaid district leader can do this on a shoe string budget, so can we.’ I want other groups to out-do us. I look forward to them bringing larger numbers of volunteers that I did for the Max Rose campaign. And that will be the #BlueWaveNYC,’” added Pierre.

This event was held just as Rose pledged to refuse federal lobbyist donations toward his campaign funds. On Tuesday, the Army Veteran committed himself to donating $4,151.28 to the Stephen Siller Foundation Smart Home Program, which helps build homes for veterans wounded in combat. The amount is the total Corporate PAC and federal lobbyist donations received by the Rose campaign.

“Staten Islanders and South Brooklynites deserve to know that when their representatives are casting a vote, they are putting the district first, not their donors. Today, I’m not just saying I won’t be bought off; I’m putting action behind it. In addition to refusing all Corporate PAC money, I will no longer accept any money from federal lobbyists – and any donations I have received I will be donating to charity,” said Rose.

Rose went on to challenge Donovan to do the same with his campaign donations, a move the Republican incumbent was quick to decry citing Rose’s penchant for big-money progressive aid.

“We know Max Rose just moved to the district, but someone should tell him that funding his entire campaign with money from Hollywood elites like Jane Fonda and national progressive activists won’t sit well with the residents of Staten Island and South Brooklyn. Actions speak louder than words, and Rose has firmly planted himself inside the radical left whose obstructionist, liberal policies are out of touch with the hardworking families of this district,” said Donovan spokeswoman, Jessica Proud.
The two will face off in a competitive general election on Nov. 6.