Tish James Brings It Home In AG Race

TishOpening 3

It was both an enthusiastic shower of statewide support, and a show of never forgetting her community roots as Public Advocate Letitia James (D) kicked off the opening of her campaign headquarters in her race for state attorney general this past weekend.

Several hundred officials, neighbors, civic leaders, longtime supporters and new younger supporters packed into the two-floor space at 901 Atlantic Avenue to rally around the candidate and pledge their support in helping get her elected to the state’s highest legal position.

“It feels absolutely fabulous, but more importantly we don’t want to take anything for granted and we want to remind everyone about the candidacy of Letitia James and all that’s she done as a public advocate, as a legal aid attorney, as a city council member, and as a staff attorney and pro bono attorney for a countless number of individuals. We want to take it on the road and introduce ourselves to New York State and let everyone know she really is a champion and a fighter,” said James of her upcoming campaign.

A neighborhood supporter of Letitia James.

James explained that the job of state attorney general is about 60 percent serving as the state’s lawyer representing various state agencies, 20 percent affirmative litigation bringing civil litigations on behalf of the state as criminal prosecutions are mainly under the purview of county district attorney, and 10 percent advocacy, which she has been doing all her life.

James said the top issue that will concern her as attorney general is to focus on, “The illegitimate individual who sits in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, President Trump, and continuing to focus on him and bringing innovative and creative lawsuits against his administration’s policies.”

Other top issues James will focus on include bringing lawsuits against consumer fraud, making sure that businesses do not prey upon vulnerable individuals, particularly farmers; and to focus on the opioid crisis and other healthcare concerns.

“Just the fact there are people preying upon immigrants at this point in time and the separation of  families [needs addressing], and I’m actually representing some of these children,” said James.

Supporters flocked the Letitia James for State Attorney General campaign headquarters.

Among the elected officials who attended the opening were Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul, State Sen. Roxanne Persaud, Assemblymembers Tremaine Wright and Latrice Walker and City Council Member Alicka Ampry-Samuel.

“I’m excited for Tish’s candidacy. She is going to be New York state’s next attorney general. She is the most qualified person that we can send for this position. She’s a woman of character, of substance. She has all the experience and qualifications necessary to get this job done, and she would make an excellent attorney general. She has my support 100 percent,” said Wright.

Ampry-Samuel said James’ campaign has a lot of energy and noted her excitement to be a part of the campaign trail to help James win the seat.

“Today I’ll be in Brownsville and let everybody know that our very own public advocate is looking to be the people’s lawyer. I’m glad to not only endorse her, and go out and get the support she needs, but I love the fact the people already knows who she is and already are on board to support her. This here today is making sure that now everybody knows. A lot of folks out there are supportive and are fired up,” she said.