Barrons’ Look To Consolidate Power In District Leader Races

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One of Brooklyn’s more outspoken and bold power couples is seeking to strengthen their stranglehold on East New York.

Assembly Member Charles Barron
City Council Member Inez Barron

That after both City Councilwoman Inez Barron (D-East New York) and Assemblyman Charles Barron (D-East New York) filed for the male and female Democratic District Leader seats for the 60th Assembly District, according to the city’s Board of Elections documentation.

If successful in getting elected to the unpaid positions, it would in effect give the Barrons’ a political monopoly over the district. District Leaders carry a lot of clout in judicial races and election day patronage jobs as well as often being stepping-stones to elected legislative positions. 

Nikki Lucas

Inez Barron is looking to oust current Democratic District Leader Nikki Lucas. Lucas, a protegé of U.S. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-Central Brooklyn, Coney Island, part of Queens), won the seat two years ago against the Barron’s protegé, Joy Simmons. As a result, the Barron’s are hoping their namesake can give them back the coveted seat after their defeat last election season.

However, Lucas, who has a strong base in Starrett City a.k.a Spring Creek Towers, appears to be ready to battle against the Barron machine.

The duo already have a history of political dominance in the area having held either and/or both state and city political office in East New York since 2001, when Charles was first elected to the city council.

Inez was first elected to the state assembly in 2009. When Charles was term-limited out of the city council in 2013, he and his wife successfully flipped seats following the 2013 citywide elections.

Charles will run for an open seat against Chris Banks, off the heels of current Male Democratic District Leader Keron Alleyne’s decision to step down earlier this year. Alleyne is a protegé of the Barron’s who basically walked into the seat two years ago when Charles stepped down to run for re-election in the State Assembly, according to sources close to the race.

Source claim the change in ballot is to ensure a win for the Barrons’ who are banking on their visibility and political prowess to guarantee them a win.

Banks is going into the race off the heels of a controversy earlier this year that had him step down from his position as president of the 75th Police Precinct Community Council due to a discrepancy in book-keeping.

Neither the Barrons’ or Lucas returned inquiries at post time.

The district leader elections are Sept. 13.