GOPer Yevgeny Goldberg To Face Bobby Carroll In Assembly Race


While incumbent Assemblyman Robert Carroll (D-Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Kensington, Ditmas Park, Borough Park) will likely get a free ride in the upcoming September 13 Democratic Party Primary he will face a Ditmas Park Republican in the Nov. 6 General Election.

Assembly Candidate Yevgeny Goldberg speaks with a possible future constituent about issues in the neighborhood. Contributed photo.

Yevgeny Goldberg, a Russian immigrant, has thrown his hat in the race for the 44th Assembly District seat. Goldberg has been in the district for 13 years after immigrating to the United States  in 1988. He went on to build a life for himself in his adopted country – first as a social worker and afterwards becoming the Vice President of International Accounts at J.P Morgan.

Goldberg history with community activism and local families has made him a friendly face around the district and one that has become attuned to the concerns of residents.

“Ever since I moved to the Ditmas Park area, I have seen the state of the district become worse and worse. The elected officials are all talk and no action. It is time we have someone in the community stand up and show that there is a voice in District 44 that wants to fight for change,” said Goldberg.

The first-time candidate is a self-proclaimed moderate conservative. He is looking to focus on three major platforms if elected including education, tax reform and safer streets.

“Whether it be lowering property taxes for the middle class, making our streets safer, or improving the school system, I will fight for solutions to the issues affecting District 44,” said Goldberg.

Goldberg also took a swipe at Carroll, saying he lacks the understanding of the real issues facing the district and is only focused on advancing a progressive agenda in Albany.

“They vocally protest against many of the issues that our community faces, but then they fail to bring long-term solutions to these issues, to the table. Instead of solving their constituents’ issues, they use their time in office to draw attention their own political agendas,” said Goldberg.

Goldberg believes the district has fallen into disarray, going so far as to claim that in the last few years, New York is starting to resemble the Former Soviet Union.

Goldberg officially joined the ranks of Republican candidate for Brooklyn’s 44th Assembly District earlier this month, and has wasted little time in racking up endorsements. This includes Brooklyn GOP Chairman Ted Ghorra, Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar and Reform Party Chairman Bob Capano.

“The Brooklyn Conservative party is excited to endorse Yevgeny Goldberg as our candidate in Assembly District 44. This assembly district has long needed a conservative voice to stand up against the progressive agenda of the current elected officials in the district. Yevgeny authentic voice will finally fight for the community, instead of a sullied agenda,” said Kassar.