Video: Gonzalez Visits The Bridge, Discusses Opioid Crisis

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 8.37.39 PM

Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez recently met with Jewish, Muslim and Christian leaders to talk about the opioid addiction crisis and how it affects each community.

The event was held at the Bridge Multicultural center, 1894 Flatbush Avenue, which is part of the Bridge Multicultural Advocacy Project (MCP).

MCP Founder and President Mark Meyer Appel said the mission of MCP is to unite and energize people of every racial, ethnic, cultural, and religious group across New York City and the United States. To address social issues facing society today and to advocate for transformational social change as “ONE” united community to promote and advocate government to educate society as a combined unified voice.

Check out the video below, which comes courtesy of the website Gifter in Gotham made.