Queens Lawmakers On The Move April 23, 2018

Queens County City Council News

Constantinides Introduces Several Environmental Measures

City Council Member Costa Constantinides/Facebook

City Council Member Costa G. Constantinides (D-Astoria, East Elmhurst, parts of Long Island City, Woodside) chair of the Council’s Enviironmental Protection Committee, today will overhear several of his recently introduced measures including the development of a pilot program, for institutionally used city-owned or subsidized buildings located in the Brooklyn-Queens aquifer to use the groundwater for heating and cooling or electricity generation prior to any discharge of the groundwater into rivers and streams or Jamaica Bay.

Another bill Constantinides is floating is the establishment of a Jamaica Bay Task Force to provide recommendations to the commissioner and the speaker of the council on the cleanup of Jamaica Bay, the process by which combined sewer overflows are managed for the bay, including the long-term control plan and the effects of climate change on the bay.

The task force shall be comprised of eleven members, five of whom will be appointed by the speaker of the council and six members by the mayor. The members shall include a representative from each community board in the groundwater service area as well as representative from the communities adjoin Jamaica Bay. The members shall also include experts in the field of hydrology, biology and geology.

Another bill the lawmaker is introducing would require the city to develop and map of areas in the city most susceptible to increased flooding in the future.

All these bills and more will be aired out when the committee meets at 12 noon today, April 23 at 250 Broadway in Lower Manhattan.

Addabbo, Barnwell, Holden Co-Host Rain Barrell Giveaway

Senator Joseph Addabbo Jr.
Assemblyman Brian Barnwell

State Sen. Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. (Howard Beach, Ozone Park, Woodhaven, Glendale, Middle Village, Maspeth, parts of South Ozone Park, Ridgewood, Woodside, The Rockaways), Assemblyman Brian Barnwell (D-Maspeth, Woodside, Middle Village, Astoria, Sunnyside, Long Island City) and City Councilman Bob Holden (D-Glendale, Maspeth, Middle Village, Ridgewood, Woodside, Woodhaven) are teaming up to bring a free rain barrel giveaway to Maspeth this May, in partnership with the NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

City Council Member Bob Holden

Constituents who live in Addabbo’s district may register to receive a free 55-gallon rain barrel, which can be attached to a storm gutter to collect and store excess rainwater. The water can then be used to complete certain tasks around the house rather than using city tap water.

“These rain barrels are designed to catch excess rain water, and can have a tremendous impact on our environment if we all take advantage of them,” said Addabbo. “As water is stored in the rain barrels, residents can then use that water to water the plants in their garden or wash their car, rather than using fresh water from their homes. This will not only help preserve water for the environment, but it will save homeowners money by not having to pay for that water. I encourage everyone to sign up to receive their free rain barrel and do their part to help protect our environment.”

“I am glad to sponsor an event that helps individuals save money on water, and overall, helps the environment,” Barnwell said. “It’s a win-win for all involved, and I encourage everyone to sign up to obtain these free rain barrels.”

“These rain barrels present community members with a simple and cost-effective way to get involved in water conservation efforts, and I hope to see them used throughout the district,” said Holden.

To register to receive a rain barrel contact either Addabbo’s Howard Beach office at 718-738-1111, Barnwell’s office at 718-651-3185, or Holden’s office at 718-366-3900, or visit https://www.nysenate.gov/questionnaires/joseph-p-addabbo-jr/free-rain-barrel-give-away-may-5-2018.

Those who register for the giveaway must pick up their free rain barrel between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 5 at Maspeth Federal Saving Bank, 56-18 69th Street in Maspeth.

Suozzi Introduces Disarm Hezbollah Act

U.S. Rep. Tom Suozzi

U. S. Rep. Tom Suozzi (D- Little Neck, Whitestone, Glen Oaks, Floral Park/Long Island) along with U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) last week introduced the Disarm Hezbollah Act (HR 5540) a bipartisan bill that instructs the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) to investigate Hezbollah, a group that has sown chaos across the Middle East and continues to terrorize vital American allies.

HR 5540 would require the Director of National Intelligence to produce an official National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Hezbollah’s capabilities, its arsenal, and the illicit supply routes it uses to procure weapons.   This NIE would help assess the work of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), which is meant to ensure that South Lebanon is free of militias. The estimate would also detail the ways Hezbollah raises and distributes funds in the territory under UNIFIL’s mandate.

“The UN Security Council demanded that Hezbollah disarm after the devastating 2006 Lebanon War that killed so many Israeli and Lebanese civilians. They have not.  Hezbollah continues to build up its military capabilities, with tens of thousands of advanced missiles that threaten our Middle East interests and allies, particularly Israel,” said Suozzi.

“I am proud to introduce this bipartisan legislation with Mr. Kinzinger to improve our intelligence community’s understanding of a serious ongoing threat on the doorstep of one of America’s most vital allies,” he added.