Lucretia Regina-Potter On The Pamela Harris Indictment

Lucretia Regina-Potter (1)

Some people are stepping on their soap boxes demanding the resignation of Assemblywoman Pamela Harris (D-Coney Island, Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights), the indicted politician of the 46 Assembly District who has been a no-show in Albany and is still collecting a legislative salary.

Lucretia Regina-Potter

As her  former opponent, and a woman who is passionate and protective of her community, I clearly brought to light that there were questionable financial activities going on throughout the campaign, but very few would listen to my message and even doubted it’s credence. My findings about her and many other local political activities have gone unnoticed and deliberately ignored, especially by many in the local press, some of whom have encouraged disparaging and demeaning columns to be written about me and my candidacies, distracting the voter from the real issues at hand.

One would expect me to be the first to demand her resignation,

However, I do respect the constitution and believe that every American citizen deserves due process. Everyone is entitled to their day in court. So let Pamela Harris have her fair say.

Should she resign? Of course that would be best.

The $79,500 question is why no one in the legislature of our beloved New York State had asked her to resign? Why are they circling the wagons? And who is paying for this imbroglio? Their silence is deafening.

Perhaps Pamela Harris will respect the constituents that elected her by doing what is best for our beleaguered 46 Assembly District, and step down.

An honorable woman would do so….

Lucretia Regina-Potter ran against Assemblywoman Pamela Harris two years ago. She is currently the President of the Fiorello LaGuardia Republican Organization in addition to being the former Republican District Leader of the 46 Assembly District.