More Transit Services To Become Express For New Yorkers

Photo via Flickr/changeschanging

Mass transit services are a crucial part of the city that never sleeps. They have been the lifeline for millions of New Yorkers throughout the years, especially the transit bus system.

The city has answered this concern with the Select Bus Service (SBS) that started in 2008. Dedicated lanes for the bus and all-door boarding have decreased the travel time for a lot of New Yorkers. However, ridership has been declining due to the traffic congestion in the city.

“Our mass transit system is the lifeblood of our city and the investments we make in it are critically important for our vitality and economic growth,” said Representative Joe Crowley (D-Queens). “Select Bus Service is a cost-effective option that reduces travel times and increases connectivity for thousands of New Yorkers. I’m thrilled to see the program expand to reach even more riders, while meeting the needs of countless communities. I thank DOT and the MTA for collaborating on this initiative to ensure New Yorkers are able to get where they need to go, when need to get there.”

The SBS will arrive in two new corridors which are Woodhaven/Cross Bay Boulevard in Queens and Flatlands Avenue/Kings Highway in Brooklyn. These corridors serve at least fifty thousand passengers daily.

The MTA and New York City DOT both are working together to get the newer bus services to better connect the city. This comes in the middle of growing discontent for the MTA due to the subway fare hikes in Mar. 2017.

“New Yorkers deserve a bus service that is fast and effective, and a key factor for achieving that goal is increasing the number of Select Bus Service routes throughout the City,” said State Senator Jose Peralta. “By expanding this particular service, all communities will benefit and commuters will have a more reliable public transportation system and better travel times. I applaud Mayor de Blasio, DOT and the MTA’s efforts in expanding Select Bus Services, an initiative that next year will celebrate its 10th anniversary.”

The bus service is crucial for people who travel only by public transport and do not use their private vehicles to go to work, work meetings or to meet a friend.

“I commend the Mayor’s efforts to expand our City’s Select Bus Service with the addition of new routes,” said Representative Nydia M. Velázquez (D-Queens).

“For countless New Yorkers, commuting via bus is a fundamental part of daily life. These new and improved bus lines are outfitted with innovative technology that will promote timeliness, comfort and accessibility. This expansion will signal a new era for our City’s residents, and I look forward to the implementation of this project.”

Under de Blasio, the rate of SBS expansion has grown dramatically– from 6 routes at the start of 2014 to 14 currently. But there needs to be more work done as the city fills up with more people putting more pressure on the already strained local transit system.

“Bus riders deserve faster, more reliable service — and the growing number of riders on SBS buses has found that they are getting to work on-time, and getting home to family faster,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

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