Lancman Unveils Juvenile Lineup Bill

City Councilmember Rory Lancman/Facebook

In response to a March incident in which the 105th Precinct used a minor in a lineup without his parent’s consent, City Councilmember Rory Lancman (D-Fresh Meadows, Jamaica Hills, Briarwood) introduced a bill yesterday that would require the NYPD get written and signed consent from a minor’s parent or guardian before using them in a lineup.

“Parents should know and approve of any situation where a minor is being asked to be involved in a law enforcement operation,” said Lancman, who is the chair of City Council’s Committee on Courts and Legal Services.

105th Precinct Commander Inspector Jeffrey Schiff has been scrambling to assure community parents that this won’t happen again. According to Queens Chronicle, Schiff answered to angry parents at the Community Board 13 meeting in June.

However, if the suspect is a minor, then minors will be needed for the lineup, Schiff said at a community meeting with Queens DA staff. Lancman’s bill will ensure these practices are done safely.

If passed, Lancman’s bill will make sure that the consent form will include information about the specific lineup — where and when it will be; the supervising officer’s name; and disclosure if the minor’s image will be used in any other forum.

“We need to take action to ensure that what happened in Bellerose earlier this year does not happen again. My legislation will codify existing internal NYPD policy into law, and ensure that both law enforcement and community members understand the protocol that must be followed if a minor is to be used as a filler in a police lineup,” said Lancman.

The next step for the bill is a public hearing, which has yet to be scheduled. Check back to QCP for updates.

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