Capano, Chirico Get Public Matching Funds

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Lofty District 43 shored up an additional $163,875 from the New York City Campaign Finance Board $6-to-$1 matching funds program yesterday.

Earlier this month, over half of a million dollars of public funds were doled out to six of the nine candidates running for City Council in District 43. Both Bob Capano (R) and Vincent Chirico (D) told KCP they would be receiving their $6-to-$1 matching public funds on August 17 during the next round of public funds allocation.  They have.

Bob Capano

“Our campaign has the resources to win this campaign. Republican voters are responding to the fact that I am the only private sector businessman and political outsider in this race,” said Capano

“I will continue to call out Democratic candidates like Justin Brannan. He and Mayor de Blasio are two peas in the same liberal pod. Mr. Brannan was proud to endorse Mayor de Blasio and was promptly rewarded with a political hack position in his administration. Voters are tired of career politicians on both sides of the aisle,” added Capano.

Capano received $79,743 matching funds while Chirico received $84,132. The additional money allocated to both candidates brings an astounding $773,772 in matching funds to the 43rd district council race. District 43 leads the 51 council districts in matching funds, surpassing the runner-up, District 4, (Upper East Side, Carnegie Hill, Central Park South, Koreatown, Murray Hill) by 35 percent.

Vincent Chirico

“Matching funds enable us to continue to communicate our message with South Brooklyn voters – our message that our community deserves a council member who will fight day and night for the middle class families who have made Brooklyn what it is today,” said Chirico. “We are pleased to have qualified for matching funds in a shorter period of time than any of the other candidates in this race. This is only one example of the broad-based support we have secured throughout the South Brooklyn community.”  

Campaign Finance will make one last round of matching fund payments to candidates who qualify on Sept. 8, four days before the primary.