Petitioning Starts in 43rd District City Council Race

The petitioning process for city council races, and all citywide offices, began last Tuesday, and the multitude of candidates in the 43rd district covering Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, and parts of Bensonhurst and Bath Beach hit the ground running.

Both Republican and Democratic candidates need 450 valid signatures from voters registered as Democrats and Republicans within the district.

The submission deadline for petitions is July 13th and the Board of Elections is sure to receive a healthy amount of signatures from all the District 43 candidates both as a show of strong support and to withstand any challanges from opponents looking to throw a candidate off the ballot through challenging the validity of each signature.

Justin Brannan
Bob Capano

Democrat Justin Brannan started his petitioning efforts in a familiar place –– in the Bay Ridge apartment building on 99th Street where he grew up. “The first day of petitioning was a family affair in the Brannan household,” said Brannan. “I hit the pavement early in the morning with my wife and mother to meet with voters and gather signatures.

Republican Bob Capano started his signature acquisitions in Dyker Heights. “I am extremely humbled by the response I am getting by going door to door petitioning. My message taking on the status quo political establishment is resonating, and residents were thrilled to hear about my endorsement by the NYS Reform Party!”

John Quaglione
Pastor Khader El-Yateem

Republican John Quaglione walked the Bay Ridge area and the Bath Beach shore line. While Democratic Khader El-Yateem had a team tackle the bus lines on 4th Avenue as he knocked on doors in Bay Ridge.

Another Democrat in this congested City Council race, Kevin Peter Carroll began his petitioning at the 77th street R train station and then made his way to the Shore Hill Complex. While Republican candidate Liam McCabe launched his efforts from his headquarters on 6th Avenue in Bay Ridge.

Liam McCabe
Kevin Peter Carroll

“We are excited and energized. Petitioning is going well and we have a coalition of support across the district, sais McCabe. “I have been out, alongside my supporters, all over the neighborhoods of Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst and Bath Beach, and we are getting great feedback and support from our neighbors.”


Two new candidates have thrown their hats in the race of the jam-packed City Council race. Democrat Vince Chirico who made his official announcement on May 5, and Republican District Leader of the 46th Assembly DIstrict Lucretia Regina-Potter who announced last Friday, June 2.


Brooklyn Young Democrats held a South Brooklyn candidate’s forum on Wednesday. Kevin Peter Carroll and Khader El-Yateem won the political club’s straw poll. The club will open the ballot to all Democratic candidates before they make their final endorsement on July 15.


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