El-Yateem, McCabe, Quaglione Lead Fundraising In 43rd District City Council Race

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If the phrase money talks and dog poo walks has any truth to it than Democrat Khader El-Yateem and Republicans Liam McCabe and John Quaglione have a lot to crow about tonight in the crowded City Council race to succeed term-limited Vincent Gentile (D-Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst, Bath Beach).

That after the three were the top fundraisers in the City’s campaign finance deadline today and they, along with Democrat Justin Brannan, are well on their way to reaching the public financing threshold of raising roughly $180,000 for their primary campaigns, including about $90,000 in taxpayer dollars.

Pastor Khader El-Yateem

El-Yateem, seeking to become both the first Arab- and Palestinian-American city councilman, raised an impressive $81,611, which after expenses netted out to $77,415.

“I have to thank God for the great support. The [Arab] community have been waiting so long for somebody like me to support, and people are excited about my campaign in both my immediate community and the community at large,” said El-Yateem, Pastor of the Salam Arabic Lutheran Church in Bay Ridge.

“I have been serving this entire community for so long and I’m going to focus on the issues that are important to the entire community and represent the district to the best of my ability in the city council,” he added.

While, El-Yateem is leading Democrat in fundraising, Justin Brannan is not far behind hauling in an impressive $73,430 gross and netting out $67,912 after expenses. Fellow Democrat Kevin Peter Carroll is also not in bad shape having raised $26,702 while spending only $232 to net out with $26,470, while Nancy Tong netted out with a disappointing $5,821 including a $2,100 loan from her husabnd.

“In just a few months, our campaign raised nearly $75,000 in small donations from everyday New Yorkers. It’s great to see hundreds of friends and neighbors participate in the political process and have a say in this election. I’m proud to be running a real grassroots campaign that puts our community first and gives a voice to the issues and ideas that matter,” said Brannan.

Liam McCabe
John Quaglione

On the GOP side, McCabe and Quaglione are about statistically even with McCabe raising a few thousand more than Quaglione, but netting out slightly less. McCabe’s net is $36,589 to Quaglione’s $37,113.

“I am humbled and I am energized by the support that my campaign is receiving, and by the faith that my neighbors are placing in me,” says McCabe.  “They know I am ready to represent them and to fight for them on the City Council.  This is a first step on that journey, but it is an important one.”

“I am truly grateful to have garnered the support of so many residents of the district in just about twenty  days since opening my campaign account. The people of this community are looking for someone who can lead us in a positive direction and improve our quality of life. That is why I am running and the financial we have, and will receive, will enable me to bring my message directly to the voters,” said Quaglione.

Republican Bob Capano raised $26,516 and spent $10,396 to net out with $16,120.

The winners of the two respective Democratic and Republican Primaries on Sept. 12 will face off in the general election on Nov. 7. While Democrats have a huge edge in registered Democrats in Brooklyn, the 43rd City Council District is one of the few where the best person, campaign and ideas win regardless of party affiliation.

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