Happy New Year

Dear Viewers & Fans of KCP,

I feel truly blessed that so many people enjoy the hard work that the KCP staff and myself put into this site. I also feel blessed to have a growing staff that works equally hard and enjoys being part of the KCP team. I also give thanks to the Almighty for all that I have been given.

KCP is a labor of love, born from the belief that all politics is local and that much of the skepticism of American politics comes from the misunderstanding that government is somehow outside of ourselves and larger than we, the governed.

KCP strives to produce quality journalism that adheres to the American ideal that government should remain for the people, by the people and of the people. That government doesn’t emanate from City Hall or Albany or Washington, but on your block and among local political clubs.

Enough preaching. We will take a few days to enjoy the New Year and see you back bright and early on Tuesday.

We wish all our readers a Happy & Healthy New Year and an awesome 2017!

From my family to yours,

Stephen Witt

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