Adams Gives $500,000 To Non-Profit For Affordable Housing


Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams today convened a press conference outside the Calvary Community Church in Crown Heights, where he gave $500,000 to Southside United HDFC-Los Sures, a 44-year-old nonprofit with a long history of providing affordable housing to the residents of North Brooklyn.

The money was part of $2 million in Fiscal Year 2016 funds from Brooklyn Borough Hall to construct and preserve hundreds of affordable housing units across Brooklyn under his groundbreaking Faith-Based Development Initiative.

Southside United HDFC Executive Director Mr. Ramon Peguero accepted the money on behalf of the organization. The money came as part of the Borough President’s One Brooklyn Initiative and the funds will be used to develop Rheingold Senior Housing units in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

“I am humbled and grateful for this donation to Southside United HDFC. We take great pride in creating affordable housing for the residents of North Brooklyn and it is encouraging to have the work of the organization recognized and supported by the Borough President,” said Peguero. “I look forward to continuing the work to ensure that more housing units are available to residents who need them.”

Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams
Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams

“Every New Yorker deserves a safe place to raise healthy children and families, and the unlawful over-charging of rent cannot, and will, not be permitted to be an obstacle to that aim,” said Adams. “I will continue to pursue all avenues to advance the welfare of tenants in our borough, particularly those being abused or harassed by unscrupulous landlords.”

During the press conference, capital money from Adams’ office was also made to other faith-based organizations with a goal of building a total of 154 housing units throughout Crown Heights in 2017, thereby creating the largest energy-efficient housing development in Brooklyn while ensuring enhanced affordability.

“As this community changes and Brooklyn becomes popular, the popularity must turn into prosperity for every Brooklynite who was here during the difficult years. I’d like to say we were here before Starbucks. We should stay and buy Starbucks,” Adams said.