46th District Leadership Race: McCreight Knocks on His 14,000th Door

Chris McCreight may not have the political clout that standing City Councilman Mark Treyger has in their battle for the open Democratic District Leadership fight in the 46th Assembly district, but give him credit for good old-fashioned door knocking to rustle up votes.

That after McCreight announced yesterday that he knocked on his 14,000th door while meeting voters in Dyker Heights with City Councilman Vincent Gentile. The number was a personal goal he had set for himself to reach before the Sept. 13 election primary day and he hit it a month early.

Chris McCreight
Chris McCreight

“I love meeting people. Not only is knocking on doors a great way for me to introduce myself to individual voters, but hearing neighborhood concerns and sharing stories about what’s going on in the community is a very rewarding experience,” said McCreight. “From Bay Ridge to Dyker Heights to Coney Island, voters share a strong desire to see the politicians they elect get back in the business of helping people, not just their campaign donors and special interests.”

McCreight noted that each neighborhood in the district is a bit different and with differing priorities.

“People who don’t live in the neighborhood or district don’t really know much about specific issues. For instance, last night in Dyker Heights, something I’ve been talking about for a long time, illegal conversions, was a hot topic of conversation. People I spoke with were pleased to hear that I support Councilman Gentile’s newest bill to combat this problem,” said McCreight, who works in Coney Island’s Trump Village and has done a bit of door knocking in those high rises as well.

McCreight said he began his door knocking campaign back in February during a subzero snowstorm. Since then he typically knocks on between 50-100 doors on weeknights after work and upwards of 200 doors a day on weekends. He has knocked on doors on every block in the district several times.

Gentile said he is proud to have endorsed McCreight, in large part because of his strong work ethic.

“Hardly a day goes by that somebody doesn’t tell me Chris knocked on their door the other day. If the Olympics included Door Knocking as a sport, Chris McCreight would be winning a gold medal in Rio right now,” said Gentile.

The position of District Leader, a.k.a. State Committeeperson is an unpaid, volunteer, elected official who serves on the Executive committee of a County political party for a two-year term.

In Kings County registered Democrats are responsible for electing two Democratic State Committee persons, one male and one female, in each New York State Assembly District. There are 21 Assembly Districts in Brooklyn and thus there are 42 Democratic State Committee people.

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