10th CD Schtick: Comic Legend Jackie Mason Robocalls For Rosenberg


You don’t have to be Jewish to vote in next week’s 10th Congressional District Democratic Primary between incumbent Jerrold Nadler and upstart Oliver Rosenberg – but then again it wouldn’t hurt.

That after legendary Borscht Belt comic Jackie Mason started making robocalls for Rosenberg, the grandson of three Holocaust survivors.

“Hello this is Jackie Mason,” he says in one of his two robocall recordings. “You know what Jerry Nadler has done in Congress so far. He voted for the Iran deal.  The greatest threat Israel has faced since it was born.  You would never know he was a Jew all his life. By looking at him, you can tell. He is a little overweight, and he is a little short. Don’t you think it is about time you had an aggressive, imaginative guy who knows what he is voting for and cares about Israel? Vote on June 28th for Oliver Rosenberg.

On the other robocall, Mason tells Brooklyn residents,”Do you ever think that Jackie Mason would be calling you. I am so excited about something I have to tell you.  Vote on June 28 for Oliver Rosenberg.  He’s the guy who is running against Jerry Nadler. You know Jerry Nadler is? He is the guy who is wasting your time in Congress… He winds up voting for something like the Iran deal. And you know what happens to the Jews. The Jews are facing a hydrogen bomb.No decent person would vote for Jerry Nadler..”


Rosenberg Yiddish adAs if recruiting the comic to support his campaign isn’t enough, Rosenberg is also targeting residents of Borough Park, Midwood and Flatbush with Yiddish written in Hebrew attack ad posters.

“Nadler does not see our community, and is never seen by our community,” one ad reads. “It is time that our community has a representative in Congress who sees and is seen, someone to fight for our rights. It is upon us to vote in the right candidate in Congress this coming Tuesday June 28, come out and vote for Oliver Rosenberg for Congress.”

Rosenberg spokesperson Curtis Ellis said these ads are important because there are many people who are not pleased with Jerrold Nadler.

“They need to know that there is an election on June 28th and that they for the first time in 20 years have a choice,” he said, referring to the fact that this is the first Democratic opponent the 24-year incumbent Nadler has faced in years.

The winner of Tuesday’s primary will face Republican Phil Rosenthal in the general election.