NYS Daily Presidential Primary Update: The Brighton Beach Campaign Trail

NYS Presidential Showdown April 19

Fear & Loathing On The Brighton Beach Campaign Trail

When it comes to absurd surrealism nothing beats a throng of Hasidic men dressed like undertakers meets Wyatt Earp and all chanting “Jews For Cruz” along the Brighton Beach side of Ocean Parkway.

Waiting for Ted
Waiting for Ted

But come they did as well as a throng of media people, including yours truly, who all got suckered into the ‘Cruz Comes To Brooklyn’ hype hoping for a chance to press the flesh with the Texas senator and ask him a few questions only to be held off by a horde of police and absolutely no access to the presidential candidate.

For the record, Cruz, who voted against federal disaster funding for Superstorm Sandy, and against the Zadroga Act to fund the medical costs first responders incurred in the 9-11 terrorist attacks, was on the Parkway to bake matzah with some kids at the local Chabad House and meet with a few select Jewish news outlets.

But for the majority of the media and the ‘Jews For Cruz’ contingent it was a cold wait for Cruz outside the Brighton Beach Jewish Center, 2915 Ocean Parkway.

And while many in the media barely caught a glimpse of Cruz darting from the building entrance to an awaiting SUV, many of the Jews left happy after receiving red Cruz for President yarmulkes.

In other Presidential Primary News:


Hillary for America released two new television ads in upstate New York media markets, highlighting Hillary Clinton’s record of taking on complex challenges and working with upstate community leaders and business owners to create jobs, grow economic opportunity, and deliver meaningful results.

Additionally, Clinton – get this – actually rode on the subway, but it reportedly took her five swipes of a subway card to get a ride on ‘Iron Horse.’

Meanwhile Bernie Sanders’ campaign announced they will host a block party in Harlem on Saturday. Prominent supporters Sen. Bill Perkins and activists Erica Garner and Shaun King will speak to attendees about Sanders’ plans to take on a rigged economy held in place by a corrupt campaign finance system and fight for criminal justice reform. Following the block party, supporters will phone bank and canvass in the community.


John Kasich was in Bay Ridge and you’ll be able to read about the event in tomorrow’s KCP as intrepid reporter Dylan Johnson was there to cover it.

Donald Trump meanwhile shook up his campaign after a holding his Long Island rally.


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