Clinton and Sanders to Face Off for Crucial Brooklyn Debate

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The Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders campaign announced last night an agreement to debate Thursday, April 14 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

The confirmation comes after much provocation from the Sanders campaign and a public challenge to debate Clinton in delegate rich state. The debate is Brooklyn brings both campaigns home as it is the borough where Sanders was born and where Clinton has her campaign headquarters.

The two Democratic candidates have been publicly sparring over the exact date of debate for months now. For such an important primary, many see this as a late announcement. Sanders was previously hesitant to hold a debate on the 14th, citing that he was planning on holding a rally at Washington Square Park that evening.

Sanders, eager to continue his carry his momentum through the New York primary, has been particularly vocal about calling for a debate, whereas Clinton, seated comfortably on a current lead, is has been hesitant to do anything to compromise her position.

A clear cut winner for either candidate could be the determining factor that propels them into a victory in the primary. A win in NY for Clinton’s campaign could spell the surefire confirmation for her nomination; however, should Sanders win the state, that momentum could propel him to an eventual victory.

Another factor to be considered before the debate is the Wisconsin primary results today. Both candidates have been campaigning furiously, and a win in the 86 delegate state could prove to have a significant impact going into the Brooklyn debate and the NY primary.

Time Warner Cable News NY1 is the main 24-hour cable news channel in New York City. Both CNN and NY1 will carry the debate live from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern. The candidates have not debated since March 9.