Rumors Of Islanders Move Swirls In The Winter Wind


As they slug through the NHL on a competitive playoff run, there now is a major question mark regarding the New York Islanders.  Recent speculation surrounding this team seems to be that both the Islanders and Barclays Center are looking at a possible exit strategy that could wind up bouncing the team from Brooklyn in the near future.

Late last week, the old reliable New York Post reported that both the team and the arena are looking at the possibility of altering the contract that both parties had agreed upon when the Isles made their move to Brooklyn last year.  Unfortunately, the Post reports that there is no escape clause that would allow the Isles to leave Brooklyn and head back to Nassau County.  Despite being locked into what is a 25-year deal for the Islanders at Barclays Center, neither side is satisfied with what has taken place. 

In an article on, it was mentioned that there is in fact an out clause in the agreement that could kick in after four seasons. This means that we could very well see a quick ending sooner than later to the Islanders calling Kings County their home.

For the organization, a lot of their frustration comes down to a matter of inconvenience.  In the past, many of the players found it easy to get to and from practice in Syosset and to the arena in Uniondale.  Now it has become a somewhat agonizing commute that is beginning to take a toll on both the team and their fans. With the players training facility still in Syossett most of the players still live near that area.  Therefore, it has become a grueling trip to come in to Brooklyn for home games.  At least that is what has been claimed.

While they were told that this would be an easy transition both players and fans have found that the commute to and from Brooklyn is not as quick and painless as they were told it would be.  Be if traffic or the inconsistencies of taking the Long Island Railroad, the common complaint has been that the travel time is longer than what was expected.

In addition, many have complained that Barclays Center is just not a good fit to host hockey.  When it was built, basketball and concerts were on the minds of the architects and it shows.  When watching an Isles game, it is easily noticed that there are roughly a thousand seats in the upper deck which provides obstructed views.  The sight lines and angles are just not easy on the eyes when seeing the ice.

Meanwhile in Uniondale, the Nassau Coliseum, which was the Islanders home since 1972 is undergoing significant changes right now.  Ironically, both Bruce Ratner and Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov have purchased stakes in the company that is heading the construction that is taking place.  Altogether, the renovations will cost up to $260 million.  Initially, it was made clear that the Islanders came to Brooklyn for the long haul, but now they just might wind up moving back to Long Island if the fans continue to stay at home.

Right now, all this Islander team can do is focus on the hockey at hand.  They are right in the playoff mix and this team has a genuine chance to become one of the main threats to contest for the Stanley Cup.  If they can get hot at the right time, there is no doubt that this team can go deep into the playoffs.  And they most definitely have enough talent up for the task.  Tonight, in Minnesota, the Isles will be in action against the Wild to begin a six game road trip.