Bklyn Lawmakers on the Move Aug. 25, 2015

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Williams On Shooting and Midwood Fire

Flatlands City Council Member Jumaane D. Williams along with Bronx Council Member Vanessa Gibson released the following statement after a high number of shootings occurred last weekend throughout the five boroughs.

According to published reports 16 people were shot including five fatally.

City Councilman Jumaane Williams
City Councilman Jumaane Williams

“Gun violence is a systemic disease which must be treated holistically. The frustrating reality is that although overall crime is down in New York City, we too frequently experience weekends filled with shootings. Although our city has begun to incorporate new policing tactics to combat violence, families will continue to lose loved ones if we don’t take extra steps to holistically address violent behavior at its root cause. We must first severely limit the supply of guns in our city while still honoring the second amendment. Simultaneously, it is imperative that we get to the heart of the significant structural deficits that exist in many communities, often driving the need for violence that can result in fatal actions.

“As elected officials who have fought to improve our city’s public safety, we are resolved to address this violence at every level and ask all New Yorkers to refuse to accept violence as an answer. With a combined community response and real, concerted efforts, we will stop seeing incidents like those we saw last weekend.”

Separately, Williams praised FDNY Lt. Victor Milukas, for pulling out 2-year-old Justin Pierre after a fire broke out at his Midwood home two night ago. Pierre remains in critical condition.

“We must never forget the local heroes who put themselves in harm’s way to save others. I commend Lt. Milukas for his bravery and strong commitment to duty, which perfectly represents the type of heroism displayed by so many of our city’s first responders. I would also like to thank the neighbors of the Pierre family who provided aid, the Flatbush Volunteers of Hatzoloh who I’m told were first on the scene, and the entire FDNY, NYPD and Red Cross for their rapid response. My office is additionally working with city agencies to ensure the Pierre family receives all the help they need.

“It’s important to remember that the electrical malfunction that sparked last night’s flames could have happened to anyone, so I encourage community members to check their electrical outlets and safeguard their homes. I also encourage everyone to regularly check their smoke detectors, replace their batteries, and install a detector if one is not there already,” Williams added.

Adams Rails Against Synthetic Marijuana

Borough President Eric Adams
Borough President Eric Adams

Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams today will be joined by a local resident recovering from an addiction to K2, a common street name for synthetic marijuana, to highlight the human impact of its usage in Brooklyn and across the five boroughs.

In 2014, New York City saw a 220% increase in emergency room visits related to synthetic drug use.

Others in attendance will include representatives from the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and New York City Police Department, as well as local hospital leadership and community-based organizations fighting against the damaging effects of K2 use.

Adams will issue a call to action to address this pressing concern impacting public health and safety.

Hamilton Invites Public To March With Him At Labor Day Parade

Senator Jesse Hamilton
Senator Jesse Hamilton

Central Brooklyn State Sen. Jesse Hamilton is inviting the public to march with him and his family at the upcoming West Indian Labor Day Parade.

Also slated to march with Hamilton and his family Flatbush March with the Hamilton Family, District Leaders Leaders Shirley Patterson and Geoffrey Davis, United Against Violence Task Force and Caribbean Pride at the West Indian Day Parade.

Those wishing to march with Hamilton and family can meet at 10 a.m. Sept. 7 on the corner of East New York and Rochester avenues.

For further information call 718-284-4700 or click here to RSVP.

 Deutsch Offers Tips To Avoid Car Break Ins

Sheepshead Bay City Councilman Chaim Deutsch is reminding constituents to take preventive measures to help avoid car break-ins.

City Councilman Chaim Deutsch
City Councilman Chaim Deutsch

“It is important to take extra precautions to decrease your chances of being the victim of a car break-in,” said Deutsch. “Car thefts are a chronic issue, but these simple tips can significantly lower your risk of being impacted by this crime. As always, if you see a crime in progress, call 911 immediately and give the dispatcher as much information as you can.”

Deutsch has spoken with local precincts and has compiled the following tips for car owners and drivers:

Ø  Never leave anything visible inside your vehicle! This is the single most important thing you can do to prevent your car window from being smashed and your valuables stolen. If you have items that may be attractive to thieves, take them out of your car and put them in your house.

Ø  LOCK YOUR VEHICLE, thieves are known to walk down your block and check every vehicle to see if it is unlocked. If your vehicle is unlocked, thieves will have easy access to your property, including items in the trunk.

Ø  These are some items that are suggested not to leave in your car: handbags, purses, wallets, gym bags, and briefcases are some of most common stolen items during a car break-in.

Ø  Cell Phones, MP3 players, GPS devices, chargers: even if you hide your electronics, if the thief sees the charger, he’ll break into the car on the assumption that the GPS, cell phone, or MP3 player is hidden under your seat, in an interior compartment, or inside your trunk.

Ø  LOOSE CHANGE –your spare change can be a fortune to a car thief, who can break your window to steal your spare change out of the vehicle cup holder or ash tray.

Ø  Roll up your car windows all the way, and lock your doors. Engage your car alarm, but understand that car alarms do not deter thieves from breaking into your vehicle. The amount of time necessary for a thief to break into your vehicle and steal your property is less than 30 seconds, not enough time for them to be scared away by the alarm.

Ø  According to NYPD Crime Prevention, it is most effective to lock your doors, leave items out of sight, and park in a well-lit area, in order to deter thieves.