43rd District Assembly Race: Davis, Richardson Appeal To Their Base

Assemblywoman Diana Richardson
Geoffrey Davis
Geoffrey Davis

UPDATED While Working Families Party candidate Diana Richardson is shoring up her West Indian base, Love Yourself Party Candidate Geoffrey Davis is throwing out an olive branch to the Democratic Party and working the streets as the special election for the open 43rd Assembly District seat is looking more and more like a two-person race.

Richardson, who did not return a call or text for comment, does have strong support in the West Indian political community, most notably from 42nd District Assemblywoman Rodneyse Bichotte, a Haitian-American and rising star in politics.

“I definitely support Diana because she’s smart and relentless, and a community activist whose experience has touched the lives of many immigrants who want and work towards the American dream,” said Bichotte. “She’s a single mom who came out of poverty to turn things around not only for herself but for people around her.”

Also throwing their support behind Richardson today is the Transport Workers Union (TWU Local 100).

But while the WFP is putting a lot of resources into making Richardson their first-ever fully supported candidate to win an elected government office, Richardson has yet to show an ability to work the streets and connect with voters. For example, she lost to Patterson in the recent district leadership race.

Meanwhile Davis, the male Democratic District Leader, created the Love Yourself Party after learning that the Democratic Party organization wanted to back female District Leader Shirley Patterson.

But after a political gadfly gummed up the Democratic Party line works through a technicality leaving the Democrats without a candidate, Davis formed his own political party. Patterson remains on the ballot through the Independence Party Line.

“I’m the real Democrat and wouldn’t have accepted any other line because I’m a Democrat,” said Davis. “Should Borough President Eric Adams and Kings County Democratic Leader Frank Seddio want to join our very successful campaign we’ll be happy to accept them so collectively we can move Central Brooklyn forward.”

The Love Yourself Party is named after the Love Yourself Stop The Violence Foundation, that Davis created with his brother, the late City Councilman James E. Davis. And Davis, like his brother, has a very effective ground game and is both well known and active in the district as highlighted by his recent district leader win.

“I’m reaching out to voters and stakeholders in the community. The residents, ministers, merchants, rabbis  and countless residents who are looking forward to me representing them in Albany,” Davis said.


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