Revolutionizing the Perception of Cannabis Culture with Vladimir Bautista

From the streets of Uptown Manhattan, Vladimir Bautista, the Co-Founder of The Happy Munkey and his friend Ramon Reyes for 20+ years together in the legacy business, started a lifestyle brand, called Happy Munkey, a force revolutionizing the perception of cannabis culture through various media outlets, including the Happy Munkey Podcast, Munkey Magazine, and Happy Munkey TV.   Their commitment extends to advocacy, championing diversity, equity, and inclusion, ensuring communities once marginalized by the War On Drugs can now benefit from its legalization.

Vlad talks about his speakeasy years ago in Times Square called “The Studio 54 of Weed” by Forbes magazine for its VIP clientele; the 2 CAURD licenses he and his partner were awarded, and how they will make the Happy Munkey dispensary a different consumer experience than the other legal stores.