‘No one will outwork me’: Mayor Adams’ first day includes eventful subway ride to work and first Cabinet meeting


While most New Yorkers were recovering from New Year’s fun, Mayor Eric Adams was getting right to work on his first day on the job Saturday morning.

Adams was sworn in as the 110th mayor of New York City just after midnight on Jan. 1, in Times Square minutes after the iconic ball dropped and christened the New Year. However, the new chief executive of the five boroughs didn’t rest easy after his late night.

Despite celebrating taking office alongside 15,000 New Yorkers in the heart of the city, Adams was up early riding the subway from Brooklyn’s Kosciuszko Street J Train Station to City Hall.

Adams gives a thumbs up as he arrives in the rain. Photo by Dean Moses

According to reports, his first train ride as mayor was an eventful one. As he awaited the J train in the overhead, outdoor Kosciuszko Street Station, he spied three individuals duking it out in the street below. He immediately dialed 911 and reported the assault in progress. 

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