Brooklyn Democratic County Committee Receives Racist Call

The Kings County Democratic County Committee (KCDCC) received a racist and threatening voicemail on their general inbox yesterday morning, July 15, just hours after their annual dinner dubbed The Blue Victory Soiree.

The anonymous caller left the following message:

“You people are F*****g sick,  you hear me f*****g sick. You shouldn’t be running for elections. We should be purging the n****r race. F*****g Black Lives Matter. Scumbag.”

KCDCC Spokesperson Sabrina Lucia Rezzy said the message was reported to the New York City Police Department.

“Last night [July 14], the Brooklyn Democratic Party hosted a successful and unifying fundraising event which was attended by democrats of all shades of Blue. The event was a demonstration of our coming together after the Democratic primary in a show of support for all the candidates and winners of the local and citywide races,” said Rezzy.

“The Blue Victory Soiree was attended by a diverse group of elected leaders and guests representative of Brooklyn’s unique character. Unfortunately, this morning, we received a threatening voicemail that has raised security concerns. As the first Black woman to sit in the Party’s highest office, [KCDCC Chair] Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn will see to it that the person behind this message is sought after and questioned. Hate speech and hate crimes will be met with the full force of the law in Brooklyn.”


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