[Un] Correct New York Talks Universal Basic Income


Anyone who has been glued to the Democratic Party presidential debates know how candidate Andrew Yang has been pushing Universal Basic Income (UBI), a proposed initiative that would see every American getting a $1000 a month once they turn 18.

Proponents of UBI see it as an idea whose time is coming, particularly as the world continues building on robotics and artificial intelligence. They also argue that it should be a basic right to have a guaranteed income and will have the added advantage of pumping a continual stream of money back into the economy.

On this week’s [Un] Correct New York, Co-Hosts Tom Russotti and Stephen Witt speak with Diane R. Pagen, a founding member of Basic Income Action and Basic Income NYC and who works to build the Basic Income Movement with others.

Pagan has been a social worker for New York City and a social policy analyst and writer for 14 years. Diane was born in Queens, New York and has lived in Paris, New York, San Juan, and Seville. She has been a social worker in the city and in the country. She was privileged to be mentored by and work with welfare expert and activist Theresa Funiciello from 2000 to 2008, and co-wrote The Adventures of Carrie Giver: The Cost of Caring with Theresa in 2007.

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