Katz Gets Major Southeast Queens Support In DA Race

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In a possible blow to City Councilmember Rory Lanceman (D), Queens Borough Borough President Melinda Katz last week received key endorsements from a number of lawmakers in Southeastern Queens last week in her run for District Attorney.

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz

The endorsements include U.S. Rep. Gregory Meeks, State Senator Leroy Comrie, City Councilmembers Adrienne Adams and I. Daneek Miller; and Assemblymembers Alicia Hyndman, and Assemblymember Vivian Cook.

The endorsements puts an exclamation point on Katz’ almost entire organizational support as earlier in the week Queens County Democratic Party Chair Joe Crowley and the Queens County Democratic Party organization also endorsed her.

“I am proud to stand with Melinda Katz as she runs for Queens District Attorney. She has proven her ability to produce results, and she will bring important reforms to this office to ensure that everyone in Queens is treated fairly. For too long, people of color in our community have faced discrimination and suffered in our criminal justice system. Regardless of your race, gender, immigration status, religion, or sexuality, Melinda will advocate for you as our District Attorney,” said Meeks.

U.S. Rep. Gregory Meeks
City Council Member Adrienne Adams

“Throughout my years on Community Board 12 and in the City Council, I have seen how invested Melinda Katz is in engaging directly with the community to take a ground-up approach to leadership. I support Melinda for District Attorney because I believe she will use that same commitment and energy to bring desperately needed reforms to change our discriminatory criminal justice system,” said Adams.

Councilmember I. Daneek Miller

“I support Melinda Katz because she not only understands that we need to reform the DA’s office to fairly effectuate justice, but she understands that we have to do more to protect everyone, from our seniors and immigrants who have been preyed upon by predatory practices to workers who have been victims of wage theft and unsafe working conditions. Based on my working relationship with Melinda Katz, I believe she is the right person for the job,” said Miller.

“Whether in the Assembly or as a community education advocate, I’ve always fought hard for my community — and whenever I’ve needed an ally, Melinda has been there. Now I’m proud to endorse Melinda Katz for District Attorney because I know that she’ll deliver crucial reforms for Queens County and continue working hard for all of our communities,” said Hyndman. 

“I am excited to have the support of Congressmember Meeks, State Senator Comrie, Councilmember Adams, Councilmember Miller, Assemblymember Hyndman, Assemblymember Cook, and leaders from across Queens. As District Attorney, I will work every day to make sure my office is a partner in justice for everyone who lives in our borough. From instituting discovery reform to ending cash bail to addressing the racial inequalities of our criminal justice system, I am committed to bringing the progressive reform we need,” said Katz.

Katz’ platform calls for the DA’s office to become a partner in justice and plans to institute progressive reforms — more information can be seen here.

Also in the June primary for the office are Federal prosecutor Mina Malikpublic defender Tiffany CabánCouncilman Rory Lancman (D-Hillcrest), retired Queens Supreme Court Judge Gregory Lasak and Deputy Chief Jose Nieves, of the New York State Office of the Attorney General.