LIC Leads City In Parking-Related Complaints, Study Says


If you’re frustrated because you can’t find any parking in Long Island City you’re far from being alone.

That after artificial intelligence website, did an analysis of parking-related complaints and found that Long Island City was the city’s top neighborhood for parking complaints with more than 4,000 parking-related complaints the past 12 months.

“Long Island City saw a 254 percent increase in the number of parking-related complaints over the past five years. Complaints jumped from 36 per every 1,000 residents to 127 per every 1,000 residents,” said data scientist Michal Eisenberg.

The website, which provides key information for homes for buyer and renters, found that parking-related complaints increased 228 percent from May 2013 to May 2018, compared to other 311 complaints that increased 31 percent during that same 5-year time span.

“There are more complaints due to two reasons. 311 was launched 2013 giving more people avenues to complain. There are also more cars in the city due to the population increase,” said head of content Amy Zimmer. “With more cars and constructions, parking spots are taken away. That is why Long Island City, which dramatically changed from commercial to also a residential area, has an increase in parking-related complaints.

Public transportation rather than driving might be a better bet when traveling to Long Island City. found there is a .17 percent increase of vehicles in the city, nearly 15,000 vehicles.

On a borough-wide basis, according to the study, Manhattan had the lowest complaints, 14 complaints per 1,000 residents, compared to Queens with 44 complaints per 1,000 residents, and Brooklyn, 41 complaints per 1,000 residents. Manhattan has the lowest car ownership and fewer driveways than Queens and Brooklyn.

Neighborhoods with less commercial activity and more parking had the fewest parking-related complaint. Roosevelt Island had the fewest parking-related complaint with 0.2 complaints per 1,000 residents.

Blocked driveway complaints are the top parking-related complaint, with nearly 137,000 complaints – a 162 percent increase over the past 5-years.

“A lot of neighborhoods with high rates of blocked driveway complaints have a high density of homes with driveways that are often so tightly spaced, many vehicles can’t fit into the street parking spaces between them. Also, many have narrow streets, making double-parking for quick stops too difficult. Instead, drivers use the end of driveways for temporary parking,” said urban planner Stephen Albonesi. also found Brooklyn had the most parking complaints during the weekday morning and Queens had the most complaints during the weekday evenings. The Bronx had the most complaints over the weekend.